Kids Kab


I have had the cherished fortune of utilizing the services of Kids Kab. I found Kids Kab to be impressively organized, reliable and mediculous about safety.

Yvonne C


What we do in a moment of crisis is the greatest demonstration of out character or service - in case of business! Congrats to the Kids Kab team for not only jumping on a plan in emergency situation but also for keeping us parents informed and updated.

Vinu D


Thank you very much for your service and dedication transporting our daughter. It is with sincere pleasure that I highly recommend Kids Kab to any prospective client.

Constance H


Your service is responsible and reliable. I feel the children are safe. Your staff is courteous and my children feel very comfortable. I appreciate your flexibility and willingness to accommodate occasional changes - it makes it possible for me to balance home and work!

Dr. Saluja


We love this service! An extremely reliable option no working parent should pass up on. Kids Kab has simplified my life and I am able to concentrate peacefully at work.

Chandy S


For over 10 years, Kids Kab has been an integral part of our family. You have provided safe, reliable and friendly transportation for our daughter through all kinds of weather and road conditions. Your drivers have been kind, considerate and helpful ensuring punctual pickups and deliveries from our home on this long winding road. We could not have asked for a more reliable transportation company. As our daughter grows and we move forward, it's hard to imagine how life will be without your smiling faces! We're going to miss Kids Kab. Thank you very much for your service and dedication transporting our daughter from 2001-2011. It is with sincere pleasure that I highly recommend Kids Kab to any prospective clients looking for transportation for their children. Whether it is from home, school or work, you are the best!  Show More

C Hoffman


I'd like to put in a positive review for this company....
1. The owner is very professional, kind and reassuring which is important since you are putting your trust in someone to drive your child to a destination.
2. I have always had excellent communication with the driver as she lets me know if they are running late or almost at their destination.
3. Very reliable, as most of us in this area have a family of two parents having to work hours that may not allow for us to pick up our child.
4. My son truly enjoys his driver, which is the owner of the company. He is 7 years old and is able to communicate that he likes her and enjoys the ride.
Overall, friendly and reliable service which doesn't deserve negative feedback unless there is actual physical proof.
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Lisa R


I have used Kids Kab for both my children for many years now. Liz, the owner of Kids Kab is an amazing and caring person. She has helped us in several ways. I am not sure where to start. I have an ever changing schedule. So I constantly call/email to update my requirements. Liz is very patient and handles everything for me. Her drivers always make sure that they wait until my child is handed over safely. Also, when picking up my child if they do not come out promptly, Liz always calls me several times and makes sure that they get picked up even though that delays her schedule. If I schedule incorrect rides during school holidays she calls me and corrects it. Most recently I needed a last minute pick up for my son and she immediately agreed to give him a ride even though it was really late in the day. She is the best child care transportation in the area. I absolutely recommend her. I am so thankful for her wonderful service. I have heard people from other areas say that they wish they had someone like her for their neighborhood.  Show More

K Rajasekharan


Kids Kab has come to my rescue on more than one occasion. Liz is very professional and the drivers have always been so nice. My daughter would always have a nice thing to say about them. I had some changes and complications but she always worked them out with me. I highly recommend them!  Show More

Lisa S


I needed transportation to and from the airport for my 16 year old daughter so she could attend a camp at a local University in the Bay Area. Liz and her staff did a stellar job taking care of her. As this is the first time she had flown alone not visiting family, it was imperative that everything went smoothly and it did.  Show More

Mark S


Safe and Reliable! My family and I have used Kids Kab for 5 years and found the service to be on-time, the drivers safe and helpful and the owner is a very responsible, warm person. With two working parents it is often very difficult to arrange transportation to or from activities, music lessons or tutoring. Another mother recommended Kids Kab and I gave the service a try. The prices are reasonable and have allowed our kids to participate in many after-school activities. I strongly recommend you try their services especially if you are working parents.  Show More

Kazuyo F


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