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It is imperative that your child be ready at the scheduled pick-up time and location. This will help in insuring that your children is transported to their destination in a timely manner. The driver will not leave the pickup location until your child is accounted for. However, if a Kids Kab vehicle has not arrived within 10 minutes of the scheduled pick-up time, please call our office at (408) 342-0100 or cell (408) 313-0330, and we will advise you of the status. If your child calls you, please call us before you run out to get them, we are most likely already on our way. Please program our cell number in your child's cell phone.


We do not leave until your child is received by an adult or is behind closed doors safely. If we cannot leave your child at the specified drop-off location because the child is locked out, an adult is not present or there are unforeseen changes in your child's schedule, Kids Kab will then contact a parent to get an alternative drop off location, and a $15.00 service charge will be applied. Please have a backup plan for these situations and discuss them with your child.

No Shows

For the safety of your child, courtesy of the driver, and promptness of our schedules, it is extremely important that you advise us if your child will not be riding with us on any given day. It creates concern about your child's whereabouts and causes delays.

Payment Policy

Transportation must be prepaid a month in advance to secure your child's schedule. The preferred method is via our Pay Now button on our website. We accept Visa & Master Card. Invoices are emailed at the end of the prior month.

Other Service Charges

A service charge of $15.00 will be applied if the following occurs:

  • If we are asked to deliver an item that was left on the van.
  • If we are asked to pick up or drop off at a different location without 24 hour notice.
  • If we are asked to pick up or drop off at a different time without 24 hour notice.

Kidskab Service

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