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Kids Kab offers a safe and reliable door to door transportation service for your child. We will transport your child to tutoring, dance, sports, after school programs, etc. We have dependable, responsible, trained driver's standing by! We understand the stress that a child's schedule can have on a busy working parent. So, register your child today and allow yourself some extra time!

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Kids Kab continues to provide reliable and affordable door-to-door service. Our drivers will walk your child in or out of the classroom, if necessary. We do not leave our drop off destinations until we are certain that your child is in-doors safely and securely.

How do we stand out from our competition? We are the ONLY regulated youth bus transportation company in northern California. We are fully insured, and we meet all requirements per the Public Utility Commission (P.U.C.). We also maintain our California Highway Patrol (C.H.P) certification. We have a record of passing all annual audits and inspections.

We do not operate like a taxi service, we are a contractual service.

Our vans are equipped with radio dispatch systems. Each passenger in our van are required to be seat-belted. Car seats and or booster seats are also provided and enforced if your child requires one. Safety and reliability go hand-in-hand, we won't compromise one for the other!

How will my child know if it is a Kids Kab vehicle?

All Kids Kab vehicles are marked with the Kids Kab logo and wording "For Kids Who Are Going Places". Driver will be wearing a polo shirt with the Kids Kab logo and will display a picture badge.

Will the driver walk my child to the door?

Kids Kab provides a subscription-based service for transporting kids. We offer parents a safe, community-trusted and reliable children's transportation service to and from school and for other after-school activities; aftercare, tutoring lessons, sports, and other enrichment programs.

If not requested, the driver will wait until the child safely makes it indoors before departing.

What type of security checks do you run on your drivers?

We conduct criminal background checks, fingerprinting and drug testing on all of our drivers.

Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured, which is a mandated requirement by the PUC.

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